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Our Story.

About Woolpack House

Behind our doors.

Over a decade ago, we embarked on a mission that resulted in the creation of TWA Chartered Financial Planners. However, as we progressed on our journey, we encountered the many challenges small businesses often grapple with, particularly in securing an optimal working environment.

Due to our experiences and understanding of this common pain point, we felt compelled to create a solution! Enter Woolpack House – a dynamic coworking space designed by small business owners for small business owners, aimed at equipping them with a highly functional and comfortable workspace.

A space for professionals

We wanted to create
a space for professionals to meet, create and succeed.

Of Woolpack.

From humble beginnings...

Originally built in the early 1800s, Woolpack House boasts an extraordinary amount of character and heritage. Throughout the 1900s, it was a bustling public house, which eventually became known as Ye Olde Woolpack. The pub sadly became derelict, which is when we discovered it and saw an opportunity to build a space for the community of Stockport. Renovating the building has been a labour of love, and we meticulously designed the building to embrace many of the original features. We have attempted to keep a modern and contemporary feel whilst embracing the building's heritage.

Humble beginnings

to the Community.

We've grown up, lived and worked in Stockport before starting out on our own business journey. We understand the hardships of launching and building something special. It's for this reason, we felt we had to hold a commitment to the community and have aimed to work closely with local businesses in the development of Woolpack House. We are passionate about our town and are excited to see the excellent developments taking place in Stockport. 

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